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Leveraging a team with over a decade of experience, IPLabs provides advanced IP telecommunications software solutions tailored for Internet Service Providers and businesses.

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IPLabs specializes in the research and development of dynamic web applications crafted to enhance the online presence of both companies and ISP websites.

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VoIPShelter is a cutting-edge distributed system that detects and mitigates VoIP attacks by seamlessly sharing information among systems, resulting in a remarkable 90% reduction in fraud and disruption.



Cally - centralino cloud

Cally is a cloud-based switchboard, representing an advanced telephone system built on the SIP standard.
It is seamlessly installed and offered as a service, with charges applied on a monthly basis.
Cally liberates companies from the burden of traditional switchboard setup costs.
Its versatile functions can be tailored and personalized through the user-friendly website interface.

CallXPloder - CRM for call centers

Ignite your Call Center’s potential with CallXploder!
This in-cloud CRM for call centers comes equipped with a predictive dialer and a range of advanced features.
Effectively managing contacts, CallXploder optimizes outbound calls, eliminating downtime and decisively boosting individual productivity.

Netcontrol - IPLabs

Netcontrol is a service created by IPLabs for the security of the corporate network using firewalls, SD-WAN, antivirus, IDS, self-updating software on servers and workstations.
Through a risk analysis, any threats affecting company information assets are identified in order to implement appropriate solutions to mitigate the risk.

Hermes - Multi-platform messaging

Meet Hermes, the cloud-based software designed for multi-platform messaging across WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS.
With Hermes, you can seamlessly send and receive messages through various platforms within a single, centralized service.
Unlock the power of mass communication with Hermes, facilitating the effortless dispatch of promotional campaign messages.
The platform ensures message delivery by intelligently selecting the optimal channel for each message automatically.

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